1 adjective
1 WIDE a road, river, or part of someone's body etc that is broad is wide: We went along a broad carpeted passage. | He was six feet tall, with broad shoulders and slender hips. | 6 feet/3 metres etc broad The track was three metres broad
-compare narrow 1
2 INCLUDING A LOT including many different kinds of things: broad range/spectrum of: She has a very broad range of interests. | broad category/field/area etc: In general, the paintings fall into two broad categories.
3 GENERAL concerning the main ideas or parts of something rather than all the details: broad sense/term/definition etc: This is education in the broadest sense of the word. | broad consensus/agreement etc: All the members were in broad agreement.
4 LARGE AREA covering a large area of land or water: They came to a broad expanse of water.
5 broad grin/smile a big smile which clearly shows that you are happy: "A great win," he said with a broad grin.
6 in broad daylight if something such as a crime happens in broad daylight, it happens in the daytime when you would expect someone to prevent it: The attack happened in broad daylight, in one of the busiest parts of town.
7 WAY OF SPEAKING a broad accent 1 (1) clearly shows where you come from: a broad Scottish accent
8 broad hint/sarcasm a hint (=suggestion) etc that is very clear and easy to understand: dropping broad hints about what she wanted for Christmas
9 broad humour/wit etc humour etc that is slightly rude
10 it's as broad as it's long spoken used to say that it does not matter which of two things you choose, because neither is clearly better
11 have a broad back to be easily able to deal with hard work, problems etc
12 broad in the beam informal having large or fat hips
13 a broad church an organisation that contains a wide range of opinions: The Labour Party has to be a broad church.
-see also: breadth 2 noun
1 the Broads used in the names of some wide parts of rivers in Eastern England: the Norfolk Broads
2 (C) AmE spoken an offensive way of referring to a woman

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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